For Damien Woods, the most influential moment in his career came
when he decided to go back in time. A commercial photographer
for almost ten years – shooting weddings, portraits and events –
Damien found his true calling in the endless variety of film, and the
random textures and results different cameras can create.
‘That’s what drew me to film: the journey, the process being just as
important as the end result, and of course a love for old things,’ he

The layout of his home town Brisbane, and the classic architecture
of European cities – London, Lauterbrunnen and Barcelona, to name
a few – inspires Damien to capture everyday moments in a unique
way. Falling victim to the travel bug, he says he already has his next
Europe trip planned.

‘[My inspiration comes from] everyday moments, following the lines
and forms of structures, light reflection; a love of history, obsession
with architecture and of course the experience of going to different
places [and] being engulfed [by] culture, human experience, and
food,’ he says.

‘Even with my work from around my home of Brisbane, I try to
approach my work differently.’

‘My journey began with inspiration from seasoned professionals;
later [it was] my own experimenting, practice, technique and
blending a bit of technical with the creative on a digital SLR,’
Damien says.

‘I often laughed about switching and am certainly glad I did; it has
changed my life. After shooting film now for almost 3 years, I look
forward to discovering the many types of cameras from nearly 150
years of film photography history.’

Words by Jess Mackay

Český Krumlov early morn, Aug '17

Český Krumlov early morn, Aug '17

— Analogue